Say hello to Robert; Borrowed Hearts director to visit Sisterhood in April

By Patty Lewis

First of all, I want to thank everyone who joined us at Patricia’s baby shower. Everyone was so giving and made the shower special. On March 10, we welcomed my great-grandson Robert!

I received a card, which was a surprise, from Student Rabbi Kylynn Perdue-Bronson, thanking me for inviting her to the shower, but it was our pleasure to have her.

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What if Moses could have posted the Exodus on Facebook Live?

By Betsy Frank

Spring is on the way and it’s time to let our minds wander a bit.

Mine was wandering today and all of a sudden I thought, what if our ancestors had used Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram to communicate the events that led to Purim and Passover, the holidays we celebrate during the month of March?

Perhaps Vashti would have tweeted #MeToo. Esther might have posted pictures of the banquets on lnstagram, and, certainly Haman’s hanging would have reached Facebook Live.

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Each generation adjusts to challenges; Sisterhood collects items for foster families

By Patty Lewis

Another year has passed. Generation after generation will repeat the question, “Where did the year go?” and each generation will reflectively ask, “I wonder what kind of life past generations lived?”

But we have work to do to help the the current generation. Borrowed Hearts is a new organization that is working with foster families. They need help from the community.

Sisterhood will collect items for foster families need, such as clothing and personal items. Some of the foster children arrive with no possessions. A greater need exists in the community than many of us may realize.

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