Religious school students, lay leaders capture the spirit of Purim holiday

By Patty Lewis

Our religious school children learn so much from the Purim holiday. The first thing they learn is that it doesn’t always take an army to win a battle. In this case, it just took two individuals who loved the Jewish people to save them from elimination.

Bruce Black conducted Shabbat services on February 2, the Friday after Purim. I have heard the Purim story read many times but not the way Bruce told the story. I could envision every character as if watching a movie.

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Betsy Frank returns to the question: ‘Are you engaged?’

By Betsy Frank

At first glance, when reading the title of this column you might have responded as follows:

“Of course not, I am married!”

“Of course not, I am single and have no intention of getting married or getting married again!”

Or, “Of course not, I am in a relationship, but marriage is not in the horizon.”

Yet, “engagement” has a more general meaning. According to the Merriam Webster app on my iPhone, engagement involves an emotional commitment. That means a commitment to a person, place, organization or a myriad of other entities. So why am I writing about engagement? Yes, I have an ulterior motive.

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A new generation emerges of the Yalowitz family

By Norma Collins

Did you ever get an unexpected telephone call that opened a flood of memories?

That is exactly what happened to me. It was almost closing time and I answered a phone call from a soft-spoken lady who wanted to buy a Yartzeit candle from the gift shop.

She was coming from the north side. I wasn’t in a rush and a Yartzeit candle is pretty important. I ask the lady her name and she said, “Myrna”.

At that point, I was hoping her last name was Gray, and it was!

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Say hello to Robert; Borrowed Hearts director to visit Sisterhood in April

By Patty Lewis

First of all, I want to thank everyone who joined us at Patricia’s baby shower. Everyone was so giving and made the shower special. On March 10, we welcomed my great-grandson Robert!

I received a card, which was a surprise, from Student Rabbi Kylynn Perdue-Bronson, thanking me for inviting her to the shower, but it was our pleasure to have her.

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