Flowers on Temple steps send a message: ‘Everyone is welcome in Terre Haute’

Two days after the fatal attack on Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, UHC Secretary Norma Collins arrived at the Temple to find, beneath the weathered wooden door, beside one Ionic pillar and at the top of the old limestone steps, a single bouquet of flowers.

Later, a member of a local church stopped by to offer words of support. “You are so welcome in Terre Haute and please call this your home,” the man told Norma. She added, “Everybody seems very caring.”

UHC president Betsy Frank spoke to WTWO News about the incident in Pittsburgh and local reaction to that event.

Betsy Frank: “Hate has no place in our community, or any community.”

“It’s an attack on all of us. And that hate has no place in our community, or any community,” Betsy said. “And the support lets us know that everyone is welcome in Terre Haute. I think the most important message is the congregation is much appreciative of all the support we are getting.”

UHC will honor the Pittsburgh victims and welcome two local congregations to Shabbat services at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2.


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