Board, volunteers produce Temple improvements in time for holidays

By Debra Israel and Terry Fear

Debra Israel serves on the United Hebrew Congregation Terre Haute board and Terry Fear is vice president/secretary.

Student Rabbi Remy Liverman celebrated Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 30 at the Temple.

United Hebrew Congregation board members and volunteers approached the High Holidays with busy preparation.

We’re deeply involved in restoration, maintenance and security projects, the gratifying result of both monetary contributions and volunteer efforts of many individuals.

Next time you visit the synagogue, look around and view the improvements you have helped achieve!

We also welcomed our new student rabbi, Remy Liverman, just in time for the new year. Remy officiated her first Shabbat service on Sept. 13 and Rosh Hashanah services about two weeks later.

I look forward to a new year together with old and new congregants, new and returning students from Rose-Hulman and Indiana State University, Terre Haute residents and visitors from out-of-town.

— Debra Israel

Stained glass windows feature new, vented covers

Mominee Studios has added new protective covers to the Temple’s stained glass windows.

When you arrive for services at the Temple, please take a look at the outside of our sanctuary’s stained glass windows.

Mominee Studios of Evansville has been replacing the protective coverings with new, vented covers and replacing or painting the covers’ frames.

The vendor has undertaken its work with care and professionalism, allowing the beauty of the stained glass to shine. Mr. Mominee will also be repairing some broken window pieces.

Thank you to all who made this work possible by donating to UHC’s Restoration Fund.

— Terry Fear

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