Families turn out to assure another successful Passover Seder at UHC

United Hebrew Congregation celebrated a joyous Passover as families, students and guests from the community and out of town gathered for the Temple’s traditional Seder.

Herschel Chait led Shabbat services in the sanctuary before all moved downstairs to the Vestry Room, where Herschel and UHC President Betsy Frank led a spirited Seder service.

Norma and crew kept a steady supply of matzoh balls flowing from the kitchen and Scott negotiated a fair deal for the afikomen ransom.

Prizes went to Fia for recovering the afikomen, Leah and Harley for placing first and second in voting for Best Charoses and Alexa to recognize her college graduation.

Take a look at photos from the event!


Congregants wait with anticipation as Betsy Frank and Herschel Chait prepare to begin the Seder service.

Dinner begins with gefilte fish and horseradish and matzoh ball soup.

Selections include several varieties of charoses and Herschel’s homemade chopped liver and noodle kugel.

Children hunt for the afikomen until a victor emerges.

Betsy tallies votes for the Best Charoses entries and determines a winner.

Herschel issues prizes and the service concludes with smiling faces all around.

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