Hamentaschen are a big hit, Haman hooted at annual Purim party

United Hebrew Congregation’s annual Purim party proved a rousing success, with hamentaschen, hats, groggers and hilarity for all. Student Rabbi Aaron Rozovsky and helpers read the whole Megillah.

Sunday school students boxed up take-home hamentaschen, fruit and candy for the guests and others who couldn’t make it to Temple!


Here, Patty Lewis describes her hamentaschen recipe:


We also captured these photos from the event. Select an image in each section to begin a slideshow!

Patty and Wilma try on their Purim hats.

The kids style holiday regalia.

Rebbe Herschel samples hamentaschen and coffee.

Rabbi Aaron and friends Elmo and Teddy read the Megillah to a captive audience.

Audience members take a stretch break during the lengthy Megillah reading, then pick up their groggers to resume blotting out the name of Haman.

Scott steps in as relief reader.


Herschel checks his phone.

Betsy takes a turn at the Megillah.

Elmo, Teddy and G.I. Joe — Rabbi Aaron’s childhood friends.

Hat and mask.

Vintage groggers.

The cleanup begins.

See you next year!

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