Religious school performs a mitzvah; turkey with latkes loses its luster

By Patty Lewis

I am pleased to report that with your contributions, Sisterhood was able to help UHC religious school raise $547 for the Vigo County School Corporation Backpack Program.

The Backpack Program provides food for at-risk children during weekends when they have no access to school breakfasts and lunches.

Our students adopted the program as their Mitzvah project for the year.

Thanks to all who donated!

Thanksgiving makes way for Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah from UHC religious school!

Meanwhile, I’m sure everyone by now is tired of holiday turkey — as well as turkey casserole, turkey sandwiches, turkey pie, turkey with scrambled eggs — and turkey with latkes.

I’m sure most of us don’t want to see any more turkey for a while, even though there may have been less of it overall as most of our Thanksgiving dinners were smaller affairs, without the usual gathering of family and friends.

I do hope you were able to enjoy the day with a few loved ones with whom you feel safe and comfortable in your pandemic circle.

At my house, Ralph and I are fortunate to celebrate Hanukkah with our granddaughter, her husband and our great-grandson.

We must not let this terrible virus take away the happiness we share with our loved ones. Instead, let us celebrate the special occasions in a different way — via Zoom or other technology.

Happy Hanukkah from my family to yours!

Sisterhood celebrates Wilma Turetzky

The Deborah Honor from Women of Reform Judaism Central District goes to a nominated Sisterhood member at each member synagogue who rises above and beyond her normal obligations.

This year, WRJ Central District awarded UHC Sisterhood and Temple board member Wilma Turetzky with the Deborah Honor.

Wilma is a special person, and now an honored member of Temple Sisterhood.

We are very proud of you, Wilma!

Patty Lewis is Sisterhood president at UHC Terre Haute.


Patty alerted the press to stand by while Wilma Turetzky retrieved the mail and opened an envelope from WRJ Central District. Inside, Wilma found her Deborah Honor certificate.

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