The People of the Book can always benefit from a good group study session

By Betsy Frank

Jews are known as the People of the Book.

We have a long tradition of studying our sacred texts. We engage with these texts alone and in groups.

Not only do Jews study these sacred texts as part of life-long religious education, but this tradition of studying has led many Jews to careers as academics and professionals.

Our parents have encouraged us and we have fostered learning in our children and grandchildren.

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Temple sets second virtual Passover seder for Saturday, March 27. Next year in Terre Haute!

By Betsy Frank

As the old saying goes, “Love is lovelier the second time around.”

However, a virtual Seder is not necessarily lovelier the second time around. Alas, one more time with feeling, we will be holding our second consecutive remote Passover celebration at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 27.

It won’t necessarily be lovelier but we will be together with our community, and that is what matters.

Student Rabbi Caitlin Brazner will conduct the event. And like last year, we will perform the ceremonial parts of the Seder online before individuals and families enjoy their own main meals.

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A good argument can lead to healthy transitions, if we agree to resolve our differences

By Betsy Frank

All life involves transitions. We move from one place to another, sometimes willingly, sometimes not.

Our family relationships change due to marriage, divorce, birth and death.

Yet, we survive and our lives evolve into other forms. In January, we witnessed the transition from one U.S. president to another.

Disagreements are a part of our Jewish heritage and yet our people­hood — our religion — remains intact.

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Listen to the voice of the soul: ‘No feeling is wrong and no feeling is illegitimate.’ It’s OK!

By Betsy Frank

Three deaths recently occurred during a three-week period in our community. Two were expected, with the passing of Martha Silverman and Louise Sommers. But Terry Fear‘s death took us by surprise.

Expected deaths certainly bring sorrow and arouse memories of our experiences with those who have gone. We often reflect quietly on their passing. Sudden deaths are much harder to accept.

Ruchi Koval wrote feelings of sadness can co-exist along with acknowledgment of blessings. And she said, “That’s OK”.

In these dark winter months, we may acknowledge the sadness. It is OK! The soul knows this is important and the soul also knows that spring will, indeed, come again.

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