Cleaning up clutter might just make more time for Daf Yomi and other spiritual pursuits

By Betsy Frank

I recently listened to a presentation about reducing stress in our lives. One tip suggested cleaning up clutter. Oops! If that’s the case, I am in trouble!

But just today I inadvertently came upon an opportunity to clean up some clutter.

I had begun searching my computer for an old column to recycle. Unfortunately, I carelessly clicked the wrong button, and all my old columns were gone.

Then I got to thinking, do I really need to keep all my old files? Probably not.

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“Crisis” leads to innovation and connects virtual and in-person congregants

By Betsy Frank

How many of you have watched the television program, Macgyver? If you have, you know Angus Macgyver can jerry rig anything and get out of a tough situation.

Well, prior to the High Holy Days we experienced a crisis, so to speak, at UHC. How, we wondered, could we provide multi-access services to our congregation?

Just like the sages of Talmudic times who tried to figure out how to practice Judaism without the Temple, we had to figure out how to innovate (with a limited budget) in times of COVID.

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Unstoppable Temple Israel is clean, cool and ready to welcome all for the High Holy Days

By Betsy Frank

Often before the High Holy Days, I write a column that says, “Welcome Back”.

In thinking about this theme, I realized that “Welcome Back” is totally incorrect. This small but vital congregation never goes away. Like the Eveready Bunny, we keep on going.

Over these past 18 months (or is it 18 years?) of the pandemic we have continued to worship weekly and hold meetings via Zoom.

Shanah Tovah to all!

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The People of the Book can always benefit from a good group study session

By Betsy Frank

Jews are known as the People of the Book.

We have a long tradition of studying our sacred texts. We engage with these texts alone and in groups.

Not only do Jews study these sacred texts as part of life-long religious education, but this tradition of studying has led many Jews to careers as academics and professionals.

Our parents have encouraged us and we have fostered learning in our children and grandchildren.

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