Zane creates images of peace and love to assist lifesaving efforts in Israel and region

In the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack against Israel and countermeasures by the Israeli Defense Force, the region faces a mounting humanitarian crisis that could exact a terrible toll on both Palestinians and Israelis.

Zane Winter and his parents Lee and Tim have shown a deep interest in Jewish life with their recent contributions to High Holy Days and Sukkot celebrations. Now, Zane, who helped build and decorate the Temple’s sukkah, is raising funds for livesaving efforts through sale of his original artworks.

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Speakers, audience, highlight acts of resistance in Yom HaShoah event at UHC sanctuary

By Debra Israel

Thanks to Scott Skillman for organizing and to Ken Turetzky for emceeing such a meaningful Yom HaShoah program April 16 in our UHC sanctuary.

The theme of the program was not only remembrance of the Holocaust and other atrocities, but learning about acts of resistance, while encouraging us to continue to resist oppression in our world today.

It was so heartening to see the sanctuary filled with supportive community members coming together, actively taking a stand against antisemitism and racism.

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Louise Sommers’s life ‘an important Holocaust story about survival, continuity’

By Ken Turetzky

Safely settled in 1941 with her father and sister in the U.S., 16-year-old Louise Sommers wrote, “The day after my seventh birthday, my mother suddenly died. Since then, things have never been the same.

“It seems that with my mother’s death, a chain of misfortune started. Hitler came to power and my uncle was beaten up, put into prison by the Nazis and later fled to France….Terrible things happened in Germany.”

Louise’s daughter Nancy Sommers found Louise’s youthful autobiography a few years ago and shared this excerpt as guest speaker for “Creating Light From Darkness and Optimism out of Tragedy”, the third annual Yom HaShoah event May 5 at UHC to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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