Temple sets second virtual Passover seder for Saturday, March 27. Next year in Terre Haute!

By Betsy Frank

As the old saying goes, “Love is lovelier the second time around.”

However, a virtual Seder is not necessarily lovelier the second time around. Alas, one more time with feeling, we will be holding our second consecutive remote Passover celebration at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 27.

It won’t necessarily be lovelier but we will be together with our community, and that is what matters.

Student Rabbi Caitlin Brazner will conduct the event. And like last year, we will perform the ceremonial parts of the Seder online before individuals and families enjoy their own main meals.

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Hanukkah reminds us to seek light, and unity, in moments of darkness

By Student Rabbi Caitlin Brazner

As winter approaches and 2020 (finally) nears its end, it’s hard not to think back and reflect on what’s been. After a year of divisive and polarizing politics, racial unrest and injustice, and a global pandemic that continues to ravage our country (among other issues), I can’t help but think that our season of darkness began much sooner.

This year hasn’t been easy. We feel divided and disillusioned, disappointed and disheartened.

We are entering a holiday season that many of us, due to COVID restrictions, will be forced to spend socially distanced, if not alone. We have spent endless months grappling with big questions and big challenges; that wrestling has left us tired.

And yet, at the darkest (in daylight terms) time of year, our tradition calls for the lighting of candles in celebration of a miracle — a flame that lasted against all odds and provided light when we needed it most.

Hanukkah is a story of hope and renewal, of light and warmth for these coming cold nights.

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Try these Tashlich tips to safely cast off your sins this Rosh Hashanah

By Student Rabbi Emily Dana

While we can’t be physically together Rosh Hashanah afternoon for Tashlich (the throwing of bread or birdseed into water to represent the casting off of our sins), here are some resources that will help you observe on your own.

This holiday season may be very different than the ones that you have experienced in the past, and that is OK. Do your best to create sacred space and time in any way that works for you.

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UHC re-imagines High Holy Days in the spirit of ‘pikuach nefesh’, sets virtual services

Continuing its practice that began in March with the onset of COVID-19, UHC will conduct virtual High Holidays services to welcome the New Year 5781, with Student Rabbi Emily Dana officiating via Zoom and congregants and guests joining from their homes in Terre Haute and around the country.

“This year will be like no other because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” writes UHC president Betsy Frank. “In fact, many are calling this a year of re-imagining the High Holy Days.

“No doubt our re-imagining brings mixed feelings, including feelings of grief. We know we cannot be together in our beautiful sanctuary. Yet, we know in our hearts that pikuach nefesh, a Hebrew term for “saving a life”, is a sacred Jewish value. Saving a life means no in-person services.”

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