UHC members join Stand Against Hate Candlelight Vigil at Vigo County Courthouse

Members of the Terre Haute Jewish community gathered with their neighbors on Monday evening, two days after the Oct. 27 attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, for a Stand Against Hate Candlelight Vigil at Vigo County Courthouse.

“That could have been my synagogue. It could have been my church. That could have been my home or my school,” UHC’s Brent Silver told WTHI-TV News.

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UHC expresses solidarity with Tree of Life victims; Shabbat service to welcome guests

United Hebrew Congregation expresses its solidarity with the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh, Pa., and our brothers and sisters in the entire Jewish community of Pittsburgh that has been the target of a horrific, anti-Semitic mass murder.

Words are inadequate to express our sadness.

We extend our condolences to all those who lost loved ones in this massacre.

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‘The blights of society take precedence over the mysteries of heaven’

By Terry Fear

Even though I am a Reform Jew, I am drawn to a more orthodox morning prayer: I give thanks to You, Everlasting King, that You have returned to me my soul with compassion. Great is Your faithfulness.

Intellectually, of course, I know that does not happen. But spiritually, for me, that prayer acknowledges my daily return to God.

I believe that within the soul resides our yearning for social justice. And every morning, I can use that prayer to recommit to lending my voice, if given the opportunity, to someone whom society has made voice-less.

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