Yes, you can still study Torah in Terre Haute

By Betsy Frank

Betsy Frank is UHC para-rabbinic fellow and president.

A central practice of Judaism is studying Torah, which includes the commentaries and Midrash and sometimes other topics grounded in our sacred texts.

Studying Torah can seem daunting. Yet, anyone can study Torah. Rather than reading alone, working in pairs makes the experience richer — but more on that later.

Subscribe to the My Jewish Learning series and/or Ten Minutes of Torah from

Recently, I began subscribing to the My Jewish Learning series on studying Torah.

I have learned so much about studying. And while I must say I lack time to engage as much as I’d like, I do encourage you to subscribe to the My Jewish Learning series and/or Ten Minutes of Torah from

Yes, you can read on your own, but the dialogue in any group learning situation enriches the process.

Attend Saturday sessions with Rabbi Jonathan

I have certainly learned this from my own experiences teaching online. More importantly, Torah studies when our student rabbi is onsite are thought-provoking and delightful.

I encourage all of you to attend at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Saturday mornings when Rabbi Jonathan is present. Each session is slightly different. Come for one hour, both hours or part of an hour!

We might also add a weekly Torah study to continue our education even when the student rabbi is not in town.

Who is game to come and learn? Send us a note or call Norma at 812-232-5988 if you’re interested and Temple board will work to establish a regular Torah study session.


Betsy Frank

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