Maxine Schnitzer lives on in family memories, and following tradition, we can do the same

By Betsy Frank

In preparation for Maxine Schnitzer’s funeral, I had the opportunity to speak with Sam, her husband of 66 years.

I heard how the two met and other interesting facts about Maxine’s life, including her tenure as Sisterhood president.

Listening to Sam, I got to thinking. How many of us have passed on our stories to children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other members of our families?

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Student Rabbi Rocki Schy brings love of history, teaching and Torah to UHC term

By Student Rabbi Rocki Schy

My name is Rocki Schy, and I am thrilled to be your student rabbi for the coming year!

I had a varied Jewish upbringing. I attended a day school when I was young, and became B’nai Mitzvah in the Conservative movement. I spent some time in Modern Orthodox and Conservative synagogues as I was growing up. I was drawn to the vibrancy and progressiveness of the Reform movement as an adult.

I attended Temple University in Philadelphia, where I studied history and education. During that course of study, I taught students of many different ages.

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Rabbi Miles will come home for the Holidays

By Rabbi Stanley R. Miles

In the title of his most famous novel, Thomas Wolfe warned, You Can’t Go Home Again.

Earlier this year, when United Hebrew Congregation invited me to lead High Holy Days services this year at the Temple, that phrase was constantly with me. From 1948-1966, your congregation was a center of my Jewish life.

Those years were, from my perspective, very good for the Terre Haute Jewish community. That was the time when my parents (of blessed memory), extended family and so many others set me on a life path that remains an incredible blessing.

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UHC joins Jewish Community Legacy Project for virtual Elul events; prepares for holidays

By Betsy Frank

The month of Elul that began August 26 precedes the High Holy Days and begins our process of Teshuvah, or repentance.

More traditional congregations blow the shofar each morning during Elul to remind Jews of the holiness of Rosh Hashanah.

In small congregations such as ours, we prepare for the High Holy Days largely on an individual basis.

However, this year during the month of Elul, our congregation, along with a group of legacy congregations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, are participating in a pair of special online programs to help prepare for the High Holy Days.

We also welcome Rabbi Stanley Miles, who grew up in our congregation, to lead High Holy Days services!

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