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UHC sets Passover ‘Celebration’ for April 23

Following two years in the wilderness of fully remote Passover seders, United Hebrew Congregation will invite members back to the Vestry Room for an abbreviated hybrid Pesach “Celebration” at 6 p.m. Saturday, April 23.

The date, which falls on the final day of Passover, coincides with Student Rabbi Matt Derrenbacher‘s regular visit. Rabbi Matt will conduct the seder for virtual and in-person audiences.

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Women’s History Month inspires reflection on economist Myra Strober and Jewish life

By Debra Israel

As I prepared to give a talk for Women’s History Month at Indiana State University on the two women who received the Nobel Prize in Economics, Elinor Ostrom and Esther Duflo, I also reflected on a memoir I read a few years ago by the economist Myra Strober.

Strober’s memoir Sharing the Work: What My Family and Career Taught Me about Breaking Through (and Holding the Door Open for Others) tells of her experiences earning her PhD in Economics during the late ’60s at MIT, at a time when even fewer women worked in the field.

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During Adar, remember that Walter Sommers brought joy to all who encountered him

By Student Rabbi Matt Derrenbacher

The Hebrew month of Adar is supposed to be an incredibly joyous time. Our sages teach us that as the month of Adar begins, no matter how we may be feeling about life, we are to increase our joy.

But what happens when the commandment to be joyous meets the reality of loss, sorrow and pain? On Feb. 17, our community and our world lost an absolute tzadik, Walter Sommers.

Walter was one of those rare humans who loved everyone. It didn’t matter who you were or where you came from, Walter wanted to take the time to get to know you and be your friend.

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