Sisterhood reschedules; declares Hanukkah store open for business

By Patty Lewis

An early winter blast led Sisterhood to cancel its November meeting, scheduled for Grand Traverse Pie Company, 75 North Third St. in Terre Haute.

We’ve rescheduled for the same time and location, noon Tuesday, Dec. 10. The weather forecast calls for 28 degrees and cloudy, but no snow! Please join us.

Hanukkah will begin the evening of Sunday, Dec. 22, so now is the time to visit our holiday gift shop in the Vestry Room.

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Keep the past in perspective and avoid the trap of ‘hindsight bias’

By Student Rabbi Remy Liverman

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah have all come and gone in the whirlwind of Jewish High Holy Days that filled our days in the month of Tishrei.

We have spent ample time considering our return from past transgressions and are ready with steady hands to go boldly into the new year.

More than ever, though, I feel a sense of longing for the High Holy Days and apprehension at the thought that the Book of Life has been sealed for another Jewish calendar year.

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Never Again means Never Again for everyone

By Terry Fear

People in crisis should take precedence over narrow points of law or politics. But too often, compassion for human beings created in God’s image is left out of legal or geopolitical solutions.

I have become increasingly alarmed concerning the humanitarian crisis at America’s southern border. My husband Steve and I are firm believers in putting our beliefs into action.

On July 4, we were in Florida and made the three-hour drive to Homestead to find the federal detention center and protest on behalf of the migrant children held inside.

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Sisterhood will meet for pie in November, seeks charity project ideas for new year

By Patty Lewis

Sisterhood continued one tradition over the summer and then resumed its fall schedule with a lunch meeting at McAlister’s Deli and work on the 5780 Rosh Hashanah greetings booklet.

Thank you all for your donations and dues, and to the anonymous individual who left a lovely note and generous donation at Norma’s office.

We will next meet for our second-Tuesday luncheon event at noon Nov. 12, 2019, at Grand Traverse Pie Company, 75 North Third St. in Terre Haute.

Please come on out, and bring some new ideas for Sisterhood projects. I’m thinking of a small fundraiser. If you have a charity in mind, please let me know!

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