Ellie Loeb Merar to return for CANDLES talk; student rabbi set for fall 2018

By Terry Fear

Ellie Loeb Merar, a Terre Haute resident from 1937-1943, will speak at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 19, at CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center.

Before World War II, Ellie’s parents Emma and Albert Loeb owned a store in Lauterecken, Germany. Starting in 1933, then 7-year-old Ellie and younger sister Stella endured anti-Semitic instructors in school, while Nazis targeted the family’s store.

The Loeb family left Germany in 1937 and came to live with family in Terre Haute. Blanche Loeb Wolf and Carl Wolf, grandparents of late former United Hebrew Congregation president Ed Wormser, sponsored the Loebs.

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When it comes to achievements, UHC proves that small is beautiful

By Debra Israel

The past month of April, and now the month of May, present a microcosm of our congregation’s character.

In fact, instead of lamenting the small size of our congregation, after seeing all that we accomplish, we might instead start proclaiming that small is indeed beautiful.

From my professional view as an economist, we talk about the concept of “free-riding”, when people do not contribute their share of the work even while enjoying the community’s benefits because they know that someone else will chip in (particularly with volunteer time or monetary contributions).

This is easier to do in a large organization, because your individual participation may or may not seem to matter.

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Board meets with Indiana Landmarks, masonry expert, to evaluate synagogue restoration effort

By Terry Fear and Debra Israel

We would like to thank those of you who have already generously contributed to our United Hebrew Congregation Restoration Fund.

But we also have exciting progress to report. Thanks to your contributions and a matching grant from Sacred Places Indiana, we are starting to collect estimates for the first phase of the project to restore our historic synagogue, originally known as Temple Israel.

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