Temple celebrates a busy and productive year, continues to build community

By Betsy Frank

Betsy Frank is UHC para-rabbinic fellow and president.

This past year has been a productive one for United Hebrew Congregation. Your board of trustees has worked tirelessly to keep our congregation solid. A big thanks to all of the board.

One big accomplishment has been Phase One of our restoration project. Due to your generosity, donations more than matched the requirement for the grant received. Terry Fear continues to be diligent in seeking other grants to help continue the restoration process. However, we still need funds from you. So, please consider continuing to support this important effort.

Robert, Kylynn and Izaak brighten the scene

We welcomed one new member family — Patricia, John, and baby Robert Sharp. Patricia is Patty Lewis’s granddaughter.

The congregation was fortunate to have Kylynn Perdue-Bronson as our student rabbi this past year.

A synagogue is more than a place, but a community, a home, here for everyone.

Although Kylynn was here only once a month, she quickly became involved in the life of our congregation and community. She led Torah studies at the Temple and at Westminster Village. She worked with our religious school and prepared Izaak for his Bar Mitzvah. All were appreciative of her sense of humor and her wealth of knowledge. We look forward to having another student rabbi this next academic year.

Congregation celebrates holidays in style

As you know, our Break-the-Fast and Passover Seder are the most well-attended events during the year. We continued to use the Haggadah put together last year by Debra Israel, Herschel Chait and Scott Skillman.

Another shout-out goes to Ken Turetzky, who continues to keep the congregation’s website up to date.

The congregation is also on Facebook and Twitter. Due to our activity on social media, we continue to receive contacts from those interested in our congregation, including students and their parents.

I want to recognize Patty Lewis for her hard work. Our Sisterhood makes our religious school possible. Karen Harris deserves special kudos for administering the religious school with the help of Debra Israel, [Debra’s daughter] Jennifer, Scott Skillman and the other parents who participate. Also, Sisterhood activities support those in need in the Wabash Valley.

UHC mourns passing of three members

Sadly, during the past year our community lost three members: Tanna Srulovitch, Estelle Corrigan and Eleanor Rosenfeld.

Thank you all for a great year. Please let us know what activities you would like to see during the coming year. A synagogue is more than a place, but a community, a home, here for everyone.

Thank you for supporting our congregation!

Betsy Frank

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