Religious school students pool tzedakah resources, plan March 17 Purim celebration

By Debra Israel

I have enjoyed my continuing involvement with UHC religious school, since my daughter, Jennifer, is teaching there. I find our CHAI curriculum can lead students of all ages to think and reflect.

You may also have noticed art posters mounted on the west closet door intended to provoke conversation.

Scott Skillman initiated an interesting discussion of the current poster, depicting the message, “Help us end hunger”, with Student Rabbi Jonathan Falco and students and their parents at the conclusion of one religious school session.

In this way, we hope to encourage students to develop their critical thinking skills.

Contributions will benefit food pantry and forests

Religious school students are aiming to contribute tzedakah funds toward one good cause per month. During February, they bought three trees to be planted in Israel.

We also collected and delivered items to a local food pantry. Students are learning the power of pooling resources to make more of an impact.

Jan Chait delivered the hamentaschen

Purim begins the evening of March 20. and we hope everyone enjoys the holiday.

Our Purim celebration also reminds me of Jan Chait, who introduced us to many congregants as we delivered hamantaschen and other treats.

Karen Harris, as our religious school leader, has helped carry on the Purim tradition.

Karen Harris, as our religious school leader, has helped carry on the tradition, bringing Purim gift baskets with her family to the homes of welcoming UHC members.

Finally, as a UHC board member and co-editor the monthly Hadashot bulletin with Norma Collins, I would like to encourage all UHC members to reach out to us with your ideas — and your news items!

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